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My Story

Do you know this feeling when you have a breakthrough that liberated you to the extent you want to share it with the whole world?

This is exactly what happened to me!


When COVID hit us, we were forced to leave Dubai, the place I called home for over twelve years, and move to settle down in France, my husband’s home country!


At the beginning, I was very enthusiastic and considered it to be an exciting adventure, but later on, things started to get difficult.

COVID wasn’t allowing us to have a social life, and when things got slightly better, the fact that I didn’t fluently speak French made it hard for me to make new friends, and even harder to find a job. I couldn’t drive because I didn’t yet have my license and I also couldn’t have a bank account because the paper work was taking forever. All of these left me with no choice but to depend on my husband on almost everything, which kind of made me feel HELPLESS; not to mention how lonely and nostalgic I was feeling for my life back in Dubai!


Later on, I made a decision not to focus on the things I cannot control, rather to put my attention on myself, my family, and the things I could do right now.


I started sleeping early and waking up early, I prayed and meditated every day, went for walks in the nature, enrolled in free French course, dedicated some time for my hobbies, spent quality time with my daughter, and stayed in touch with my family and close friends.  

What seemed simple things, had a great impact on my well-being, they changed how I perceived myself, they empowered me, gave me the confidence and the faith that I can achieve anything I wanted. I felt joyful, energized and inner peace despite of my situation that now I consider to have been a blessing!


The conclusion, I didn't wait for my circumstances to change to feel happy, I found ways to feel happy and then my conditions started to improve!


When that hit my mind, I felt that this is my message, my purpose in life, helping anyone feeling stuck like I was, to gain back their power, restore their faith and claim the happiness that they deserve! This is when I decided to become a Life coach specializing in happiness and goals’ achieving so I can share this message of love with you, to inspire and empower you because I know you are capable, because this is your birth right and because you are worth it!

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