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Together at the Top

Set your Goals
for Success

On this Program you will learn how to set the right goals the right way, plan and take the right actions.

The program will be divided into three stages.

  • Stage one: Bring Balance and alignment

  • Stage two: Set the right goals the right way

  • Stage three: Plan to Manifest

We will begin with restoring your balance and self-alignment. Later on, you and I will work on building your vision of a happy life and choose 1 to 2 goals to move forward with. We will then create the plan and define the necessary actions, mindsets, emotions, routines, expectations and practices to lead with and start taking steps forward toward your goal(s)


At the end of this program

  • You will feel lighter, more energized and joyful

  • You will feel greater harmony in your relationships

  • Your self-love and self-worth will be increased

  • You will feel confident, ready and excited to start a new chapter of your life

  • You will have a clear understanding of what you want in life

  • You will have a mindset shift; anything will become possible

  • You will take back control of your life and your self-confidence level will go higher

  • You will have a new life-long skillset no one and nothing can take away from you, and you’ll be able to continue to use these tools to achieve your future goals


       Duration of this program: 4 months (16 sessions) or 6 months (24 sessions).

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