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Yoga at Home

Bring Balance and 

If life transformation is your goal, then this is your stepping stone.

I learned from my own experience, that you can’t reach far if you are not balanced and in alignment with your true self; that’s why I created this program where You and I will work together to restore your balance and self-alignment.


How? by diving deeply into all levels of your wellbeing that is Self, Mental, Emotional, Physical and spiritual where we’re going to address:

  • Self-perception and self-worth

  • Mindset (beliefs, patterns, thoughts, behaviors)

  • Emotions Wellbeing

  • Energy and

  • Spirituality


At the end of this Program:

  • You will feel lighter, more energized and joyful.

  • You will feel greater harmony in your relationships.

  • Your self-love and self-worth will be increased.

  • You will feel confident, ready and excited to start a new chapter of your life.


Duration of this Program is two months (8 sessions)+ 1 Free session (1hr each).

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