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Darine Tahan

 Life Coach 
Therapy Sessions

My Service Packages


Let's Have

This is a one and a half hour long session, mainly booked to address a specific matter which can be sorted it out in one session, and in case a long term commitment is not preferable.


Bring Balance and Alignment

This is the program where you and I will dive deeply into all levels of your wellbeing that

are Self, Mental, Emotional, Physical

and spiritual 


Set Your Goals
For Success

This is the Program, where we will work on building your vision of a happy life and choose one or two goals to move

forward with

My Approach

Although our ultimate objective is to help you ACHIEVE your GOALS and Life vision with ease and grace, however I believe that, and this is further to my own experience, you can't move far from where you are now if you're carrying a heavy baggage, hence our first milestone is to set you free from all what is stopping you from moving forward. I love to call this phase the detox stage which will unlock your INNER POWER bringing you back your Self Esteem and SELF CONFIDENCE.

After this stage you will be aligned with your true self, you will feel INNER PEACE and regain  balance over your life and you will be ready to enjoy your journey toward the top of the mountain! 


Gain Clarity and Understanding


Take back your Power


Bring Balance

and Alignment


Set your

Goals to Success



your Life

I can't thank you enough for all the support  love and wisdom that you have shared with me. your coaching has literally transformed my life. Thank you!

G. H. Age 40

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